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Furthermore in Costa Rica my driver told me when the Panama Canel was being built, first the workers were Spanish, but they all died from malaria, then Chinese were tried, but they died also, finally blacks were imported and they were able to complete the build. That’s why on the eastern end of the canal blacks settled north and south.

Costa Rica

I was in CR last month. My driver was also a realtor. He said an American bought a multimillion dollar house in CR, moved in, one week later caught dengue fever. Told the realtor to sell the house, he’s getting out of this tropical hell hole.


This blog is to facilitate discussion on bio-nationalism, each should live in their own genetic lu suitable ecosystem, or else!

What got me going was a Nigerian college professor who one mentioned “Biological Imperialism” . He said next to a major harbor in Africa there was an European graveyard, where Europeans would die within a day of arriving in Africa. A local despot put up a statue of a mosquito, since this is what kept the colonial powers out.